This is just a quick expression of gratitude for my little pomegranate tree. I bought it a few months ago and didn’t know where to plant it, so it’s just been sitting outside dying slowly. It was one of those scenarios where I kept thinking “aw the poor little plant deserves a permanent home” but not actually giving it one. Last week I thought it had finally given up… but it has been raining quite a lot for the past few days and the pomegranate tree has flourished with new green leaves! Today I worked on the garden and made some space to plant it. It might sound silly but this was a very sweet little reminder to be grateful for the beauty in life and to keep on thriving through difficult times!


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  1. carolee says:

    Pomegranates are not hardy here in Indiana, so I keep two in pots. One is a dwarf, about as tall as I, and the other is really, really dwarf, only about 6″ for the Fairy Garden. Both have those gorgeous brilliant orange flowers and produce fruit. The tiny one has fruits the size of a large blueberry!

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    1. The leaf as legal tender says:

      Aw that’s lovely! Mine is a dwarf tree as well… I hope it does ok in the garden 😊 and the tiny fruits sound adorable!

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